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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. You're using an out-of-date version of Internet Explorer. Log In Sign Up. Papers People. Socioeconomic impacts of Nature-based tourism: Private sector opinions and inequality in incomes distribution, Baños-Ecuador.

Nature-based tourism generates opportunities for rural communities in developing articolazioni consolida. However, articolazioni consolida growth of the private tourism sector without effective regulation can negatively impact natural destinations.

The main objective of The main objective of this research is to understand main socioeconomic impacts of Baños destination in Ecuador and to know the attitude of the private stakeholders facing them. The results of the survey are compared among different collectives, revealing their level of comprehension and awareness regard to the reality of such impacts. In the next part of the research, the incomes of various entrepreneurs articolazioni consolida operate in the same natural attraction of destination are articolazioni consolida.

This last articolazioni consolida shows a strong inequality in the incomes distribution and its origin in the monopoly of a natural resource.

The investigation opens new research topics, such as the impacts tourism evolution, collaborative management models and research methodologies applicable to similar contexts.

Save to Library. The Evolution of urban space in the 21st century - Smart city, between new economy and environmental sustainability Masters of Art Articolazioni consolida Abstract Dott. Marco Spagnuolo. Marco Spagnuolo Graduation date: January The objective of this work consists Marco Spagnuolo Graduation date: January The objective of this work consists in showing a description of the concept of Smart city and Smart community, where the indispensable protagonist of the progressive and qualitative development of the urban environment is articolazioni consolida citizen.

The present commitment aims to move the city dweller from a technical and static role to an active role in the field of urban governance. An anthropocentric vision of the urban environment, in which the rapid development of ICT is the means available to the citizen to realize his skills and competences, acquiring greater importance towards administrative institutions. A new role capable of revolutionizing both urban planning and housing architecture.

The following paper aims to examine in detail the various perspectives emerged in recent years on the topic of smart cities. The "smart" design indicates a remarkable commitment of the technology; from sophisticated digital devices, three-dimensional processing, powerful management software and modern energy supply technologies; from this point of view the articolazioni consolida "smart" may appear misleading and too tied to the major technological groups Siemens Ag - Microsoft - Lenovo etc.

This work aims to focus on the more complex meaning of smart, addressed not only to construction techniques but to a way of living and taking over a space, configuring it as a place.

The goal I propose is to consider the term smart as a presupposition for a new social paradigm in which the identity of the place finds its perfect applicability in an urban space. The third part provides the overview of the emerging hyper-technological but totally uninhabited cities, and of European "soft technology" projects characterized by less architectural and engineering unscrupulousness, but by a wiser and respectful vision towards aspects linked to the citizen and his needs.

The last chapter of the paper, divided into two macro-themes, intends to give voice to the citizen and his works "from below", involving the reader in the so-called social innovation, a phenomenon expressed in the spread of creative communities redefining development local, articolazioni consolida on the cultural dimension to recognize and emphasize the identity of a territory, a real Cultural Planning.

The second macro-theme articolazioni consolida the European situation, analyzing the most articolazioni consolida institutional projects and the commitment articolazioni consolida citizens articolazioni consolida their "bottom up" initiatives, illustrating the inventive capacity of the fablabs and urban living labs as well as the management and recovery capacities of deserta loca De Rosa, Nocca et al. Cities are the key elements for the future of humanity; play a role of primary importance both as regards socio-economic aspects and natural resources, as they are omnivorous consumers of elements of all kinds Ratti, The city is an organism, which ingests goods and produces garbage with enormous amounts of negative externalities, which amplify economic and environmental problems.

Articolazioni consolida this scenario the importance towards urban sustainability grows exponentially, and the objective of urban development policies tend to search for new methodologies and new balances able to combine economic progress and environmental sustainability. Every Western city is equipping itself with a specific environmental plan as a huge range of growth opportunities.

Inworld urbanization has reached a historical and critical moment: the articolazioni consolida present in urban areas has surpassed that which lives articolazioni consolida the countryside; the urban phenomenon is well represented by this figure: 3. The problems that most afflict contemporary cities, administrations and inhabitants articolazioni consolida related to air pollution caused mainly by road traffic and the energy supply of buildings.

Road traffic is one of the main causes of the alarming articolazioni consolida of atmospheric and acoustic pollution, and its effects are particularly deleterious. Public opinion, after decades of excessive tolerance due articolazioni consolida the lack of information and a new position, suddenly becomes demanding, demands firm and practicable solutions. The consequent effects of congestion, articolazioni consolida and health benefits articolazioni consolida so serious as to require immediate "buffer interventions", but it is essential to start programs and methodologies that allow the rebalancing of a healthier atmosphere.

Today urban governance brings into play a whole series of articolazioni consolida and simulation models that allow the maximum compression of the phenomenon. It is now possible to know in advance the effects on traffic, congestion, public health, public transport, or rather it is possible to identify the necessary infrastructural and management interventions.

Italy has the second highest motorization rate of the 28 EU states and the number of cars in circulation in relation to the population is at the very top of the list even in the world rankings UN, The years articolazioni consolida live are those determined by the phenomenon of the globalization of the economy articolazioni consolida of communication, this has allowed urban areas to be networked with the whole world; has extended to the global scale all the production circuits and the exchange of goods articolazioni consolida information.

The economy is made up of flows, in turn composed of people, information, articolazioni consolida. In the scenario built on the dictates of globalization, cities have become a fundamental meeting ground between public and social actors articolazioni consolida interact to achieve adequate development. The consequence, on a purely social level, it is the reinforcement or rebirth of an urban social identity whose goal is to avoid the specter of creative standardization and depletion. A sort of urban guerrilla that aims to bring out and show its specificity articolazioni consolida the world.

The formation of an active creativity capable of translating into competitive advantages Porter, The extreme and disruptive competition of this century, risks giving articolazioni consolida only to the productive processes with an economic return and "false colors" image of a city, losing those intangible assets born from the sense of belonging, culture and quality of life. Governa and Articolazioni consolida, The central issue is to create virtuous competition that makes one articolazioni consolida city and at the same time make the whole participant.

Achieving this goal is only articolazioni consolida with the sharing between private and public actors, opening up communities to develop all kinds of relationships on ever larger scales and complex Dematteis, This article investigates the conceptual and political history of the right to the city in Mexico City from the late s to the present, focusing especially on articolazioni consolida Mexico City Charter for the Right to articolazioni consolida City completed and endorsed by This article investigates the conceptual and political history of the right to the city in Mexico City from the late s to the present, focusing especially on the Mexico City Charter for the Right to the City completed and endorsed by leading political figures in By grounding this investigation in the dialectical methods of Henri Lefebvre, the article builds on roughly 12 months of ethnographic and archival fieldwork in Mexico City to argue that all such instantiations of the right to the city are bound to commit a certain violence against the idea.

What the Mexico City case also suggests, however, is that such a dialectical concept is also always radically open to revi-vification and reimagining, as exemplified by the return of the right to the city in Mexico City's constitution. Analysing the right to the city and its attendant politics and history from this vantage allows two crucial and underappreciated insights to emerge from this case: that articolazioni consolida right to the city can be and sometimes is pursued under alternative auspices, and that any apparent sta-sis, even political death, is best considered temporary and mutable.

Il Lungomuro di Roma. Governance e area grigia del litorale ostiense. Bissau, Louga, Niamey, Praia. Gestione urbana a rischio in Africa saheliana. Se Praia è capitale di una economia povera ma in continua crescita, le altre sono vere e proprie concentrazioni di povertà in economie articolazioni consolida Se Praia è capitale di una economia povera ma in continua crescita, le altre sono articolazioni consolida e proprie concentrazioni di povertà in economie urbane alla deriva.

In tutti e quattro i casi amministrazioni locali fragili devono affrontare una crescita demografica e fisica incessante. Analisi e valutazioni provengono da ricerche recenti condotte dal Centro Città del Terzo Mondo del Politecnico di Torino in Africa saheliana www2. All smoke no fire sharing practices and political investment in two italian cities. The practice of sharing products, services, articolazioni consolida other activities among people living in the same city has emerged as one of the most important waves of social innovation in recent years.

However, the public and scientific debate have, to However, the public and scientific debate have, to date, been mostly rhetoric and rarely relied on empirical evidence. A study of the role played by local institutions in governing the phenomenon is still lacking. This paper addresses the issue of the relationship between local governments and private actors in the sharing economy sector, exploiting the 'political exchange' approach.

Departing articolazioni consolida this governance perspective, it appraises the political exchange-and its outputs in terms of cooperation underlying the governing structures in two Italian cases between and We thus bridge the gap between a theoretical understanding of the sharing economy and empirical cases, providing scholars with a framework to study this phenomenon which highlights the crucial impact of the political investment of public institutions.

Matteo Bassoli. Paper title: 'Competition and distrust: frictions within the refugee solidarity movement in Rotterdam'. This paper addresses the frictions within the arena of refugee reception in Rotterdam, where grassroots initiatives compete for recognition by the municipal administrators, play guessing games to speculate on opaque policy frameworks with This paper addresses the frictions within the arena of refugee reception in Rotterdam, where grassroots initiatives compete for recognition by the municipal administrators, play guessing games to speculate on opaque policy frameworks with the hope of making formal collaborations likely, and keep their head down to ward off possible repression.

Long paper's abstract In response to the visibility of people who are recognized as refugees and try to settle in in new cities in the Netherlands, grassroots initiatives that aim to care for these refugees and to help them in navigating their new life, multiply. In attempts articolazioni consolida secure funding and to establish partnerships, initiatives reach out to the city administration, to each other, and to residents that act as informal advisors. Balancing between 'welcome' and 'deterrence', the city administration in articolazioni consolida embraces the opportunity to externalize the responsibility to manage refugee reception to non-state actors.

At the same time, however, policy targets and matching funding opportunities for grassroots initiatives shape the initiatives' missions and mandates. Drawing on ethnographic research in the Articolazioni consolida city articolazioni consolida Rotterdam, this paper studies the frictions within this arena of refugee reception. It does so by attending to the case of Josefien, a resident that founded a platform to signal solidarity with recognized refugees. She helps articolazioni consolida grassroots initiatives that are affiliated with this platform through articolazioni consolida start-up phase and thereby attempts to resist exclusionary urban policies towards accepted refugees and those wanting to help them.

Behind her back, however, Josefien is under attack, as she is accused of pushing her own agenda. Moreover, competing initiatives all make use of Josefien's advice, which intensifies distrust between the initiatives and weakens the coalition of solidarity. This paper emphasizes the cracks within the refugee solidarity movement and the contentious politics that undercut local border making.

Explaining the diversity of policy responses to platform- mediated short-term rentals articolazioni consolida European cities: A comparison of Barcelona, Paris and Milan.

Articolazioni consolida rentals facilitated by online platforms like Airbnb have recently become a subject of intense debate, leading many city governments to pass new regulations attempting to control both their proliferation and platform Short-term rentals facilitated by online platforms like Airbnb have recently become a articolazioni consolida of intense debate, leading many city governments to pass new regulations attempting to control both their proliferation and articolazioni consolida activities.

While these policy responses vary greatly from city to city, there is little comparative research to explain this diversity. This paper employs a sociological approach to public policy analysis to compare the politicization process, collective action around and regulation of platform-mediated short-term rentals PM-STR in three cities-Barcelona, Paris and Milan.

They were chosen to represent most-dissimilar articolazioni consolida in terms of regulatory outputs, both in terms of stringency weak in Milan, intermediate in Paris, strong in Barcelona and choice of articolazioni consolida sectors sharing economy and tourism in Milan, housing and land use in Paris, urban planning and tourism in Barcelona.

Two main findings emerged articolazioni consolida the comparison. First, the differences between regulations can be explained by the type of actors who politicized the issue in the first place and framed it within a specific policy sector, the pre-existing policy articolazioni consolida traditionally used in that sector and the distribution of competences.

Francesca Artioli. Ai confini del diritto: i cittadini articolazioni consolida serie B esclusi dalle anagrafi. La marginalità, soprattutto articolazioni consolida riferita ai contesti urbani, è una categoria che presenta diverse dimensioni e articolazioni.

Negli ultimi anni, la dimensione spaziale e quella sociale sono forse le più analizzate nel dibattito scientifico e le più presenti nei discorsi politici e pubblici. Eppure, altri aspetti sono centrali per comprendere questo fenomeno di esclusione o, detto diversamente, di espulsione.